TI SR-51

From: mangotel
Email: mangotel@bellsouth.net


I'M NOT LOOKING TO SELL! But can anyone give me a ballpark idea what an SR-51 (not "A" and not "III")might be worth now-a-days? My folks bought me a new one in 75, my first year of school. I used it until I graduated in 79. I believe all it needs is new NiCads. I have the calculator, belt loop case, charger, manual, box, and I may even have the receipt (I'll have to check again. I haven't looked at it in about 7 years). It has the conversion code list on the back of the calculator. I remember having to flip it back and forth until I could remember the polar rectangular conversion code backward and forward. Just wondering. I know I didn't have it long before the 51A came out. I was originally pissed, but after using a friends 51A, I realized my 51 was a much sturdier unit.