How to repair a Marchant 10.FA

From: andrea celli
Email: a.celli@infinito.it


Well, I've an old, non working, Marchant FA and some spare time during the summer. Then I would like to try to repair it. The electric engine works, but the machine seems jammed. My guess and hope is that a good internal cleaning and oiling could do the miracle. :-) I removed the external case and I found a lot of dirty. Now I want remove the carriage and the keybord, in order to be able to clean and oil all. Questions: 1) It seems me that i've to shift carriage completely at left in order to remove it. Is it true? How can i move it? 2) I removed to screws in front corners of keybord. But it seem locked in the center, at conjunction between numerical and command's keybords. 3) Can I by-pass the electric motor and test the machine using a crank? Friden and Monroes have this usefull feature. 4) Can i find on Internet a technical manual? thank you, andrea