Allen-Wales, National question...

From: mndean
Email: mndean@pacbell.net


I acquired two more adding machines recently for my collection, an Allen-Wales model 9E, serial 137038 in absolutely pristine condition; and a National model 11KM, serial 430388, needing just a little cosmetic cleanup. They both work excellently (I'll probably regret saying that!), which I was surprised to find since I see practically nothing but non-working Nationals for sale. My question is does anyone know how old either is? I assume the Allen-Wales dates from the 1940's, and the National from the 1950's, but that's about as close as I can get, since NCR never folded their adding machines into the general numbering system until sometime in the 1960's, I guess. For all I know, they may never have folded the Ithaca (and maybe even Scotland) factory's output into the general NCR numbering.