We sell all models of gsm phones

From: Rose Williams
Email: gsmphoneholdings@yahoo.fr


WE ARE AN ELECTRONIC DEALER WHO SPECIALIZES IN THE SALES OF MOBILEPHONES, LAPTOPS, PLASMA TV, IPODS, PSP, XBOX, HERE ARE SOME OF THE PHONES WE HAVE IN STOCK, FOR SELL MOTOROLA RAZOR V3 MOBILE PHONE AT JUST $110usd, FOR SELL MOTOROLA V3x AT JUST $140usd , SONY ERICSSON P910i MOBILE PHONE AT JUST $160usd MOTOROLA MPX 200 ...$125USD NEXTEL I860 AT JUST ..$100 NEXTEL I930 AT JUST ..$120 NOKIA 8800 AT JUST.$180 NOKIA N80 AT JUST ,$160 NOKIA N70 AT JUST ,,$150 NOKIA 9500 AT JUST ,,$180 NOKIA N92 AT JUST .$200 NOKIA 8801 AT JUST .$170 NOKIA N93 AT JUST ...$250 NOKIA N73 AT JUST $200 SONY ERICSSON W950 =$210 SONY ERICSSON W850 ,,,$180 NOKIA N71AT JUST $150 SAMSUND D500 AT JUST $140 SAMSUNG D600 AT JUST $150 NOKIA 9300 AT JUST $180 NOKIA 7280 AT JUST $130, NOKIA 7610, AT JUST $120 nokia n90 is $180 nokia n91 at just $210 sony ericsson W800i is $160 SONY ERICSSON W900i AT $170 SONY ERICSSON W600 AT $130 O2 XDA Atom--- Price $180 Sonyericsson k790------ Price $140 BenQ-Siemens P51--- Price $180 ETEN M600---- Price $190 ETEN G500----- Price $170 AND MANY MORE PHONES IN STOCK, INTERESTED BUYER SHOULD CONTACT US EMAIL: gsmphoneholdings@yahoo.fr PHONE# : +234-1-7225895 +2348026900051