Re: EL-5100 Manual

From: GE
Email: gerard.evrard@free.fr


Hello Richard, I agree wih you that these machines were beautiful things, cutting edge technology at the time, an extraordinary design, really a technological marvel. I have two of these, and one has the LCD that started to bleed, a very annoying problem with no cure. So prepare to lose your friend some day, I know that was a shock when I saw this the first time (occured also on a TRS80-PC1 which is a close descendant of the 5100). I would be interested in the manual, but living in a foreign country (foreign for you :-), sending a copy would be a problem. Could you rather scan it ? A file can be send instantly an unlimited number of times. Of course this implies a lot more work for you, so be the judge (I hav no scanner so my track record in that kind of service to others is zero). In any case, good luck.