From: Johannes Heinrich


Compasss Theodolite Pistor & Comp.Berlin Ser.No.341 produced 1850 / Compass with Telescope Neuhoefer & Sohn Vienna Ser.No.7542 produced ca.1900 / Tacheometer Otto Fennel Cassel produced 1906 for the Russian Royal Dynasty document available Ser.No.6461 / Microscope Seibert in Wetzlar produced ca.1850-1900 / Theodolite Neuhoefer & Sohn Vienna Ser.No.4948 produced 1850-1900 / Theodolite Carl Bamberg Friedenau Berlin Ser.No.7848 produced 1850-1900 / Plainmeter G.Coradi Zuerich Ser.No.4847 produced ca.1847-1920 / Engineer Level G.Gerlach Waszawa Ser.No.7693 (Varsovie) produced ca.1880 / Peep Sight Diopter Compass C.A.Haertel Breslau produced ca.1880-1900 / Theodolite Starke & Kammerer Vienna Ser.No.9642 produced ca.1880-1900 / Calculator Machine Millionaer Ser.No.1157 produced 1906 in Zuerich Adding Machine Burrogghs Ser.No.6453 6-366291 produced 1910 Detroit,Michigan /

The X-Number World of Calculators