Re: hp 9100 documentation

From: Nicholas Bodley


I have a book published maybe 15-20 years ago, perhaps a "source-book of computer architecture". Iirc, it has some fairly-detailed explanations of the 9100's internal architecture. Hope I can find that book! Also, issues of the H-P Journal of that period (late 1960s?) had article(s) about the 9100. Granted, these are not schematics...

There's an H-P employee on comp.sys.hp48 who posts now and then; also, try to g.i.t.w. James Donnelly, another H-P employee, who has worked on several H-P handhelds and (I think) derivative desktops.

See also the FAQ files associated with for advice on troubleshooting; very good. Maybe you could interest Sam Goldwasser in the process of getting them going (after reading the FAQ!!!). Nice fellow, interested in calcs.

You might try posting a "schematics wanted" message in, but do put "HP9100" in the message title, because (last time I looked) there was a lot of traffic!

Don't all jump at once; I trust people on this List are relatively civilized.

I well understand your pain. I was a Navy fire control tech. in the 1960s, and the incredible Mk.1A mechanical analog fire control computer seems destined for near-total oblivion. Made largely of aluminum, it weighed 3,300 lbs. I would dearly love to get a copy of the mechanical schematic!

Best of luck! These 9100s were quite remarkable.

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