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From: Andrew Davie


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Museum of Soviet Calculators

On this site you will find a complete listing of known Soviet designed/built handheld electronic calculators from the early 1970s to the present.  Each appears with a detailed image and some discussion about their features. Many of the early Soviet calculators are wierd, indeed - I think of them as quite "alien" to my Western experience.

Specifically, 8 and 9 segment displays, small zeroes, left justification of numbers, preset decimal point entry, non-removal of leading zeroes... these oddities and more appear in the models on display in the museum.

Its a non-commercial site, and many contributors have made this perhaps the most complete catalog of Soviet calculators in the West.  I've designed the site to be easy to navigate and pretty to look at.  I invite you to visit and browse around - and if you feel so inclined, to drop a note in my guestbook.


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