Old German Argos Adder

From: D. Ballentine
E-mail: gballens@sundial.net


I recently found an old Argos chain adder of the type invented by Henry Goldman of Chicago about 1900, and manufactured for him in Germany around 1913 by Gessellschaft fur Prazionstechnik G.m.b.H, Alte Jakob Strasse 20, Berlin SA 68, Germany. It is with pick and comes with a black hard case lined in burgundy velvet-like material. It is a very attractive device with a chromed case and weighs approx. 1-3/4 lb. It has a sub-total and grand total register. The sub-total register clears with the push of a small lever protruding from the front. The grand-total clears by depressing of a un-lock button and rotating a rear mounted wheel CW until all the "wheels" in the odometer like dial rotate to 0. Very nice.

I would be more than pleased to E-Mail a photo to any serious potential buyer. An Argos was auctioned in 1992 allegedly for DM 1874.

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