Wolverine Adding Machine

From: Cleo McCall
E-mail: ApexMcCall@AOL.Com


Does anyone have any information on this old manual adding machine? It is made of metal (heavy tin??) and is about 14 inches long with the main unit attached being about 8'X 5-1/2 " X 3-1/2" high. A printed message on the top reads "Place index finger (do not use stick or pencil) in slide hole next to number to be adde; press on slide and pull down as far as possible. Do not operate slides with jerky or too-rapid motion. Slow, smooth operation assures accuracy and efficiency... To clear machine:--beginning from the right, make additions in each column so "0" will appear in each register." It has ADDING MACHINE in large letters with Wolverine in a tiny triagle below it. Any comments or offers welcome.

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