From: Steve Borowsky
E-mail: redled@banet.net


Facit type 1123. It has no '+' key! addition is automatic after each number is entered and the '=' key is pressed. The first number is terminated with the '=' key, similar to the 'enter' key in reverse polish notation. To perform multiplication or division the first number is entered as normal, then the 'x' or ':' key (divide key actually looks like that, with no line in the middle) is engaged, which lights up, the next number and the '=' key are then pressed and the function is performed. In subtraction the first number is entered as normal, after the second number,instead of pressing '=', a separate '-' key is pressed. It has a 14 digit nixie tube display with no zero supression and a decimal point knob (vertical shaft). Accepting offers. Thanks and email with any questions.

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