HP Calculator History - The HP-27

by Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz Ph.D.


Introduced on May 1 1976, this was the eleventh small electronic calculator sold by HP and the fourth member of the Woodstock family. It was not programmable but provided a wide range of business, scientific and statistical functions. (In fact the nearest model to its concept since then has been the HP-27S!).

One way to distinguish it from the HP-25 is to see that its two shift keys are gold and black, not gold and blue. To distinguish it from the HP-22, you can note that the standard business functions n i PMT PV FV are gold-shifted functions on the second row of keys.

The statistics include computation of variance and normal distribution parameters in addition to the usual functions. It was only the second handheld, after the HP-45, to provide recall arithmetic. (See the separate article about this.)

This was an ideal model for anyone who did not need programmability - business users who sometimes needed technical functions and technical users who wanted to do business calculations, and the HP-27 apparently cut into sales of the HP-22. Its codename "Salad" seems to acknowledge that it was a mixture of various good things!


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