HP Calculator History - A Special Day?

by Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz Ph.D.

Following the HP-27, HP's 11th calculator, introduced on May 1 1976, HP announced three calculators all on the same day - July 1 1976. These were the HP-25C, HP-67A, and HP-97A - that's equal 12th position for 3 models, so they are really 12th to 14th. What's more, there was the HP-95C which would probably have been announced at the same time too, but was cancelled.

Three models introduced on the same day is not a record - exactly a year later HP introduced another three models, exactly two years later they introduced two models, and then on the same day in 1979, three years later, they announced five models! What's more, another two models were announced on the same day in 1982.

I wonder what it is about the first of July that made HP like it as a day for introducing new models. The Fourth of July might seem more appropriate for a company from the United States!


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