The following are some comments about the X-Number data-entry method posted in the Guest-Book:
"James, as you know I think your patent is great and conforms more easily to the way we think. I had a chance to check it out here and I like it. One question: Is the keyboard going to conform to numeric key-pads or are you proposing new locations for the numbers as you have on your web site here? I would opt for keeping the current key-pad and including extra keys from your idea. I'd like to also reiterate my suggestion that a good idea for the first market of this is childrens computers to make it easier for them to learn and to introduce your idea to an "up-and-coming" generation."

Alex de Leon
Los Angeles, CA.

"This seems much easier when doing data entry or calculations. I work in tech support for a company that develops software for depreciation calculations... Often the customer will rattle off a huge number (in an irritated voice), so I have to take it down quickly. After a while you get good at it, but doing it with this tool will be easier."

Marco Vaca Jr.

"Your extended numeric entry, from what I tried, seemed nice. It took a little to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, it went pretty well. It seems to be especially good for numbers with a fair amount of zeros."

Kenton Green
Rochester, NY.

"I like the X number idea, I think your barriers will be habitual rather than anything else. I guess your next step is talking a manufacturer into it?'

Steve Haynes
Northampton - England

"Your "000" number-entry method is TOTALLY easy to get used to, and even though I only used it for a few minutes, I already miss not having it on my HP48!"

Joseph K. Horn
Santa Ana, CA

"Very impressed! Like the patent... Keep the good ideas coming!"

Frank Kosztelnik
Katoomba, NSW - Australia

"The simulated calculator is really interesting; I like it."

Nicholas Bodley
Waltham, MA

"Good for you James! There must be something nice about having earned a patent. I tried your number entry method, and it *does* make sense."

Brad McCormick, Ed.D.
Chappaqua, NY

"James,original thinking is not always rewarded. What I like most about your X-number idea is that it is simple, easy to comprehend and is practical ... I wish you good sucess on the patent."

Dave Humphrey
Tucson, AZ - USA

"I like the calculator."

Chris N
Cranbury, NJ

"... will the world ever see actual electronic calculators manufactured with the X-Number keyboard? I LOVE that idea -- and I would buy one without a second thought! Good luck to you with that!"

Bill Wood
Buffalo, NY