Business Calculator

"Introduced on February 1 1973, this was the second handheld electronic calculator sold by HP, and the first business model... The HP-80 is not particularly rare, but is of interest to collectors because it is HP's first business handheld." Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

"HP-80 note: At a meeting at HP in San Jose, circa 1980, we were told that about 2-3 weeks after the introduction of the HP80, HP support received numerous calls saying that the HP 80 was calculating incorrectly. The problem turned out to be the fact that it used 10 digits internally while the current books of tables only had 2-4 digit accuracy. The HP-80 was more accurate than the books then in current use." Lou Wiener

Photo: MoHPC - The Museum of HP Calculators

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