Shima's 4004 Towel

"Shima came to join Intel from Busicom and designed the 8080 with Faggin and Mazor. He left Intel to join Zilog with Faggin and Ungerman, where Shima did the Z-80.  Thereafter he returned to Japan, and started his own company.

Whereas in the USA we have company souvenirs in the form of T-shirts, mugs, etc., he created a souvenir cloth; these “Furo Shiki  are typically used to wrap gifts or carry “stuff”.

I have this cloth as a memento on my wall at work.  Its about 1 meter square, and has on it the circuit schematic (transistor level) for the MCS-4 (4004) 4-bit adder and accumulator.

At the lower left is the inscription: 4004 and in Japanese the symbols for:

'my youthful (spring time of my life) work'."

Stanley Mazor 

The X-Number World