INTEL 4004 Chip


"Timely as it was at that time, "Busicom" company gave an order for semi-conductors. The time was 1969 and Busicom was planning to sell high-performance calculators for scientific calculations, etc and gave orders to the newly started Intel to produce 13 different types of semi-conductors. At the time Intel was still procrastinating whether they should go with this production or not. The reason for the procrastination was that Intel had previously only produced three types of product. Just then, Mr. Ted Hoff, who was an ex researcher from Stanford University, joined Intel. When he heard about the orders from Busicom he saw a chance to realise an idea he had had in his mind for some time. According to the instructions from Busicom, respective semi-conductor chips were supposed to be used for each function, computing, keyboard control, printer control respectively. Mr. Hoff's thinking was an integrated circuit (I.C.) which would accommodate multiple instructions on to a single chip.

Mr. Hoff completed his detailed design plan before a revisit by Busicom's executive a couple of months later. Although it was genuinely a first trial for Busicom on hearing Mr. Hoff's news Busicom agreed to his ideas. An agreement was reached to develop the products jointly. At the same time Busicom sent Mr. S Hato ( he is now Vice President of V.M.Technology ) to the Intel Company. This genuinely first agreement was the birth of the world's first CPU (MPU 4004, Micro Processor Unit)."

Innovation: The World's first MPU 4004

Source: Busicom Corp. - Innovate

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