James H. Redin

Manhattan Beach, California

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1976 M.S. Industrial and Management Engineering.
Columbia University, NY.
Fullbright Commission Scholarship.
1974 Standardization Systems
National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC.
ANSI Standards Implementation.
1973 Applied Statistics and Quality Assurance.
UNIDO/IKO, Stockholm, Sweden.
1961-66 B.S. Chemical Engineering - Summa cum Laude.
Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador.

Work Experience

1990-2007 KEANE, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA
Customer Services Department - Senior Systems Analyst.

Development and maintenance of the Operations Menu and the scripts used to implement the Job Control Processor and the daily operations used by the Patient Accounting (Patcom) system and other Keane's Unix applications.

Development of special Unix applications for hospital such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Saddleback Memorial Hospital.

On-line customer technical support to hospitals users of Keane's Patcom (Patient Accounting) application under Unix environment.

Development of a set of tools written in C to be used for the internal operations of the Installed Support Department (See Main Projects).

Development of a Korn Shell functions library and scripts to support the backend operations of hospitals users of the Patcom system.

1988-90 The Holman Group. (HMO) Canoga Park, CA

Managing of the Data Processing Department. The information system was based in a Data General installation with 40 on line terminals.

1986-88 Compucenter International Corp., Sherman Oaks, CA

Created a new data compression technique which allows compression rates of 7:1, and used this technique to develop an information product called PC-TREND. 

1979-86 Sistemas Andinos S.A., Data General Distributor -Ecuador

Coordinated operations to open the market for Data General mini-computers in Ecuador.

1974-79 Proconsult C. Ltda., Engineering Consulting Firm -Ecuador

Market research for the French consortium BEICIP and Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena, about the consumption of petrochemical derivatives in the Andean Group.

Development of a discrete event simulation model used to optimize the design of Parque Industrial de Cuenca, the largest industrial park in Ecuador.

1971-74 Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalizacion, Quito-Ecuador

Responsible for the development of the Ecuadorean Standards used by the industry to regulate the domestic and international trade operations.

Technical assistance to Ecuadorean manufacturing companies in the implementation of Statistical Quality Control programs.

1968-70 Instituto de Investigaciones Tecnologicas, Quito-Ecuador

Design of a Chemical Process Plant to convert steroid natural products to cortisone derivatives.

Research in the potential use of rain forest plants as source of pharmaceutical compounds.

1967-68 Syntex S.A., Mexico DF

Application of statistical quality control techniques in the manufacturing of cortisone derivatives.


X-NUMBER. Over the weekends and free time, I've been working in a method to improve the data-entry procedures in numerical keyboards (X-Number Method). This was accomplished by the addition of three structured keys and a swap key controlled by a set of special algorithms. In April 22, 1997 I was awarded US patent 5,623,433 for this invention.

On April 14, 2005, with my daughter Maria S. Redin, applied for a related patent for an "Improved Method and Apparatus for Entering Verbal Numerals in Electronic Devices."

Wrote a set of JavaScript and Perl programs to show the operation of the X-Number method, and developed two related Web sites, one devoted to show the capabilities and theory behind the X-Number data-entry procedure, and another oriented to my main hobby and personal interest: calculators.

Currently I'm in the process to write a keyboard for the Google Calculator that will use the X-Number data-entry procedure (in JavaScript), and a Windows calculator (in Visual C++.)

KLIB, a library of Korn Shell functions for Unix scripting.  The library contains about 60 functions that can be used to write menu applications, backup/restore scripts, date manipulation, interactive operations, etc. Used this library to implement the conversion of about 6000 AOS/VS macros to Unix scripts, and develop all the supporting operations of the Keane's Patcom System.
KWEB. An intranet for the LAHD Division of Keane. Among other features, Includes electronic on-line manuals, and automated calendars written in C and Perl, used to track the different shift schedules at Keane's departments.
KLOOK, a C program designed to display and manipulate UNIX files written in different formats. It is widely used at Keane to diagnose and fix file related problems.
KSTS, a search engine used to search for text within an INFOS ISAM database of problem/resolution logs maintained by Keane's support departments.
KCLI, a set of C programs used to convert AOS/VS macros to Korn Shell Unix scripts. These programs were used by Keane to convert 6,000 macros during its conversion project to Unix. Got a Productivity Award for this project.
KAOS, an emulator of the AOS/VS Command Line Interpreter (CLI) written in C designed to run in Unix platforms.
KHELP, an electronic manual generator written in C, with an interactive user interface used to replace bulky reference manuals. It has embedded a search engine.

It also contains a search engine and user interface written in Perl to allow for the posting of the electronic manuals in the Internet.

KMAP, a C program used to gather statistics on disk usage in 150 hospital installations. This work was previously done manually and the time was reduced from about 400 hours to 20 hours/month with increased reliability.

Computer Languages

  • Advanced Operating System (AOS/VS).
  • UNIX - Korn Shell Scripting
  • C Language.
  • Cyberquery.
  • JavaScript,
  • Sybase, SQL.
  • HTML and Microsoft FrontPage.
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Visual C++


Married, three daughters.

Foreign Languages: Spanish, French (intermediate).

Hobbies: Writing about history of calculators. Collecting old calculators. Maintaining a Web site specialized in calculators. Origami.

January 13, 2007