Chronology of the History of Japanese Calculating Machines
Katsunori Kadokura
1500s? Chinese Abacus appears in Japan and is modified.              
1800s Japanese SOROBAN becomes popular.  
1868 Japanese modern Government is organized  
1885 Japanese Low's Patent is published  
1890 Japanese Navy uses a "Thomas Arithmometer"  
1894 Japanese-China war starts.  
1897 Nippon Insurance uses a "Tates Arithmometer"  
1900s Some Odhner and Brunsviga machines are imported.  
1903 Daichi Insurance Co. imports a "Millionaire " price: Yen 500  
  R. Yazu patents his Arithmometer  
1905 R.Yazu die  
  Japanese-Russia War is ended  
1909 Kurosawa Shoten sales "Comptometer" price: Yen 415  
1913 Maruzen and Itohki sales "Brunsviga" price: Yen 350  
1915 Maruzen sales "Moldibo"  
1916 Sotoyama Utility Patent 47281 "Calculator"  
1919 Calculating Manufacturing Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
Trade mark "IDEAL" is registered by Marzen.  
1921 Maruzen sales "IDEAL" Machines.  
K. Frieden Patent 40871  
1923 T. Ohmoto finishes his first Machine  
1925 "Brunsviga" trade mark is registered in Japan  
1928 Nippon Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
  Tiger, Motor driven calculator, price: Yen 1350  
1930 Tiger Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
1931 Tiger Model " Tokuso"  
1931 Tamaya Shokai sales "Toyo?," "Aikoku" and "Nohritsu"  
1933 Tiger Model "Renjou."  
1934 Taiyo Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
  Taiyo Model "Taiyo" (Japanese word logo).  
1937 Government prohibits imports of equipment including business machines.  
1938 Maruzen sales "Maruzen."  
1939 Tiger  motor drive calculating Machine? shown at New York World Exhibition  
   Maruzen Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated (Maruzen merge Taiyo).  
  World War 2 breaks out.  
1940 Tiger Calculating Sale Co, Ltd. is incorporated, (splits Manufacturing and Sales)  
1942 Army orders the high speed calculating machine to Maruzen, but not finished.  
1945 World War 2 ends.  
  Nippon Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated by Showa Youkou, Model "Fujiboshi"  
1947 Nippon Calculating Machine Sales Co, Ltd. is incorporated, (splits manufacturing and sales)  
1949 Marchant, Monroe, Frieden ( motor drive calculators) are started to be imported and sold  
1950 Tiger  "Model 20" (RENJOU )  
  Tiger  "Model 18"(TOKUSO )  
  Tokyo Electric Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
1951 Taiyo Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated again  
  Nippon Business Machine Co, Ltd. Model "Blue Star 20-S" made by Tokyo Electric Co, Ltd.  
1953 Tiger  Model "JUSSIN KIHONN."  
  Nippon Business Machine, Model "Blue Star 20-T"  
1954 Toshiba Business Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated, Model "Blue Star 13-T" made by Tokyo Electric Co.  
1956 Nippo Model "Nippo 101"  
  Toshiba  Model "20-E" (motor driven calculating machine)  
1957 Busicom & Co, Ltd. is incorporated.  
Keybar Calculating Machine Co, Ltd. is incorporated, Model "Keybar"  
Casio Keisannki Seisakusho Co, Ltd. is incorporated  
1958 Tiger improves Model 20"  
  Nippo Model "Nippo 202"  
1959 Tiger improves Model 18"  
  Toshiba Model "20-TB" and "20-EB" (motor driven calculating machine)  
1960 Tiger  Model" E60-3" (motor driven adding machine)  
  Toshiba  Model " BC-4001" (motor driven adding machine)  
  Plus sales "Keybar A-2"  
1961 Toshiba Model "20-TC", Nippon Calculating Machine Model "SM-21"  
  Pilot merges Keybar and incorporates Pilot Business Machine Co, Ltd.  
  Nippo discontinues calculating machines.  
1962 Tiger Model "H-62-20" (improved Model 20  plastic body cover)  
  Toshiba Model "BC-5001" (Accounting Machine)  
1963 Tiger  Model "A63-12" (electric adding machine), H62-18 (new type of Model 18)  
1964 Tiger  Model E64-21(motor driven calculator, improvement of E60-3)  
  Hayakawa Electric (Sharp) and Canon launch Electronic calculators.        PILOT  sales Model "P-1"  
1966 Tiger Model AM66-12 (motor driven adding machine)  
  Tiger sales ANITA.  
  Nippon Calculating Machine Model "HL-21"  
Busicom launches Electronic Calculator Model "161"  
1967 PILOT Model "P-3"  
1968 Tiger  Model H68-21.  
1970 Tiger sales Tiger brand electronic calculator 1213E.  
1971 Intel and Busicom launch the Microprocessor "i4004"  
1974 Nippon Calculating Machine and Busicom goes bankrupt.  
1975 Tiger layoffs many workers.              
Note: Yellow cells refer to the history of Tiger machines.
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