Dorr E. Felt's Comments on his "Macaroni Box"

"It was near Thanksgiving Day of 1884, and I decided to use the holiday in the construction of the wooden model. I went to the grocer's and selected a box which seemed to me to be about the right size for the casing. It was a macaroni box, so I have always called it the macaroni box model. For keys I procured some meat skewers from the butcher around the corner and some staples from a hardware store for the key guides and an assortment of elastic bands to be used for springs. When Thanksgiving day came, I got early and went to work with a few tools, principally a jack knife"

"I soon discovered that there were some parts which would require better tools than I had at hand for the purpose, and when night came I found that the model I had expected to construct in a day was a long way to be complete or in working order. I finally had some of the parts made out of metal, and finished the model soon after New Year's day, 1885."


J.A.V. Turck, "Origin of Modern Calculating Machines." The Western Society of Engineers, Chicago, 1921, pp. 55.

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