CASIO Biolator

Japan- 1976

Bio Functions
4 functions
"May of 1976 ( a year that was to be just as big if not bigger than 1975 for Casio) saw the introduction of new products. The first being the Casio QW-06, a digital watch, the author bought one of the first ones and remembers it as being dreadfully expensive for what it was. Another was the 'Biolator" Cycle Calculator, AKA H-801, a novelty item which caused a fever of interest through "Tonight Shows" and the media. Full page spreads with attractive models on popular magazines and so forth. The machine was a "Biolator". It was supposed to work out one's state of health by calculating three cycles built in to the human clock from the day we are born. The machine was an overnight success and sold like hot cakes. Even today we have calls requesting to know where one can be purchased and production stopped over thirty years ago."
Ray Mackay, Old Casio Calculators

Source: Ray Mackay

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