Commodore US*8

Commodore Business Machines


4 Functions, Constant
Plasma display - 8 digits

"This calculator is, from what I've been told by experts, rather rare. I found this one at a Goodwill Industries for $2.00. It works great. This machine, based on the date code on the single LSI IC inside, is probably circa late 1972 or early 1973. It is a desk-top style calculator, AC-powered. It uses a single Texas Instruments IC (TMS0103NC) for all of the brains, with an assortment of plastic-case transistors and discrete components for power supply and display driving functions.

The display is a Burroughs Panaplex-style display, seven segment. The display panel has 9 digits, but the left-most digit is used only for sign (-) and error/overflow indication.

Commodore was a major player in the early electronic calculator market, being one of the first to 'mass market' calculators for use in homes instead of business."

Rick Bensene

Source: Rick Bensene's Old Calculators

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