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Source: Richard Weston

"Can anyone assist? We have discovered an old mechanical adding machine in our basement. It is an ADDO made in England by AGRELL MACHINE Co. Ltd. On a plate there is inscribed Mod.9. and underneath this E61644. It has 77 keys with figures (including ¼, ½, ¾ ) and 6 red keys. It weighs approx. 11Kg. It was covered with its original canvas cover. The machine itself is in excellent condition but the cover has seen better days! I would like to have an idea of its year of manufacture and its approx. value. (if any ). I can email a photo if anyone needs more detail. Thanks for looking."

Richard Weston. United Kingdom
June 24, 2003

"If this is one of the miniature adding machines - it was manufactured in 1920. There is also a printing version manufactured in 1923. I'd appreciate if you can send me a picture." 

James Redin

"Hi Richard,

I reviewed your machine with more detail based on your pictures and I have to say that it is not the model I told you in my previous message. The manufacturer of that model was A.B. Addo of Malmo, Sweden, while the manufacturer of your calculator is Agrell from England. Unfortunately there is very little information about this manufacturer and model. My recommendation is to contact Nigel Tout, a British collector of mechanical calculators. The following is a page from his Website that mentions the ADDO calculator:

You can also find Nigel’s email address in this page of my Website:"



"Hello James!
Yes, we would like to see the picture of the 'Sterling' Addo model 9 as well!
Please read more about the different Addo models on my page
Yes, that's right, the model survey is in Swedish only.
But here's a translation:

Modell 1 = the original Addo model.
Modell 2 = small table model with subtraction.
Modell 3 = as nr 2, but with sterling "keyboard"
Modell 4 = large printing table model.
Modell 5 = (probably) as nr 4, but with sterling "keyboard"
Modell 6 = with subtraction, 9 digit capacity.
Modell 7 = as nr 6, 10 digit capacity..
Modell 8 = without subtraction, 9 digit capacity..
Modell 9 = sterling keyboard, capacity £ 999.999/19/11.
Modell 10 = as nr 9, capacity £ 9.999.999/19/11.

Years of manufacturing: 1926-35 ( it stopped with the appearance of the Addo X)

Best regards
Christofer Noering"


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