Burkhardt Arithmometer - 18??

"I will give you everthing I could find on the counter. I could not see any dates. There is some inspection sticker or something, but I am sure it came later and the year is torn off. So, it's not even a reference. Much of what I have below you can see when zooming into the photographs. But, what I found is below.

German label that has been covered. Allgemeine Vo..?? Rechenmaschine.
In the top left corner in pen is 1843. But, it is torn so you can't tell if it is a date or some incomplete number.

The two knobs on top, to the left and right, are each stamped; DRGM No.78251
The label slapped on top of the German text;

Keuffel & Esser Co.
Mathematical & Surveying Instruments
127 Fulton Street & 42 Ann St.
New York
Branches in Chicago & St. Louis

Factory of Keuffel & Esser Hoboken, NJ (that is fine print at the bottom)

There is a knob stamped 2778. Then a stamp that says Burkhardt Arithometer 81

That is pretty much it. I could not find a date and of course I can't read the German text."

What do you think, James?


"I’ll do my best to help...

  • Rechenmaschine is German for Arithmometer or Calculating Machine
  • Keuffel & Esser were distributors for several manufacturers, including Burkhardt
  • DRGM No. 78251 refers to a patent number or application for the particular piece of the machine, in this case the clearing knobs.
  • Knob stamped 2778: I would need to know which knob this is before I can comment
  • Stamp Burkhardt Arithometer 81: This could be the serial number. I should point out that Keuffel & Esser used their own serial numbers, and their numbering system does not reflect the dates of original Burkhardt machines. In other words, a Burkhardt with a low serial number like that would be from the late 1800s, while a K&E with a serial number of 81 could be from the 1920s.

Hope that helps a bit

Jay Goldman

Courtesy of: 

Greg Lambousy

Director of Collections
Louisiana State Museum
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