Burroughs Class 3
"When one thinks of mechanical calculating machines, the Class 3 often comes to mind. The beautiful styling, durability, and impressive sales of this machine, manufactured between 1911-1929, are largely to thank for it's popularity.

Many models were constructed with over 5,000 parts, with as many as 2000 moving in together at any one time. This machine was considered one among the most technologically advanced of it's time, and commanded a price comparable to that of a new car.

The Class 3 sports several new options such as the non-add, non-print, and individual clearing keys for each column. The moveable wide carriage also distinguishes this machine from other models."

Source: Dr. Tim Bergin, Eric Ashman, Seth Gordon, Jeana Scheirer, Dave Muehling and Andrew Hewitt, "Mechanical Computing."

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