Comptometer - Model B
Comptometer Model B
"Placed on the market in September of 1906 and produced thru May of 1909 (starting SN 25000). Earliest know is SN 26790 while latest machine of this model not known. The "lazy-s" dial cover (sometimes referred to as the "answer shelf") was introduced to replace the glass cover and its clean front panel had no screws as needed by the A-model to hold the glass cover clamps. It was the first model to carry the new decimal pointers and "subtraction cutoffs" (really carry-inhibiters).

The "B" had no oil holes in the dial cover but had two in the keyplate above the 9-row and two on the right side.

The action of the canceling handle was particularly noisy and would produce a factory-like racket in offices when several were in operation simultaneously."

Brooke W. Boering (aka Vagabondo) - The Comptometer Memorial Website

Source: The Comptometer Memorial Website

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