Comptometer - Model  E
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"Arriving in 1913 (Starting SN 50000), this short-lived model could easily stand for "elusive" as none have appeared to our knowledge. A bit like the Bigfoot sightings, one has been reported in Australia but none are known to have been "taken alive" (or dead).  Note the clip from the June 4, 1912 patent (1028344) showing keystems with attached metal side plates and springs encased >>within<< the stem! The keytops were "oblong", presumably to support the side plates. All in all, quite an odd design." Brooke W. Boering (aka Vagabondo) - The Comptometer Memorial Website

"Here is a picture of my Model F (converted E) Comptometer serial #60077 Note the "handle".  I haven't seen this feature except on a late 12-column model J at " which was there said to"... assist in handling its considerable weight".   I am no expert, but I seriously doubt that this was a handle. (I would never pick up the machine by this; it's not fashioned or positioned in a likely way for a handle..   I think it was a ledger stand.  When put in the upright position, it leans back at an angle just right for propping up a small ledger tablet or other written reference." Kevin Odhner

Photo Source: Kevin Odhner

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