Comptometer - Model  H
Comptometer Model H
"The venerable "H"appeared in 1920 as F&T's first postwar (WWI, that is) model (Starting SN 200,000). It is easily distinguished from prior models by the presense of the "Comptometer" script logo on the front/back of the case. However, improved operational characteristics were to largely determine its fate in the marketplace.

The forward placement of the clearing lever allowed the operator to zero the register with a single motion of the little finger without altering her hand position over the keyboard. Internally, less obvious improvements included audible, tactile and visual clear signals ( bell, key pressure and slight offset of register zeros). All these refinements improved operator speed and accuracy but at some cost in complexity of the mechanism which required that the front of the machine be extended by about 1/2".

The earliest known H-model SN 200,109 and the latest known "decimal" machine SN 244,975 while a known green-cased "Sterling" (or Lsd) machine sports a SN of 248,508. At the end of the range, serial numbers may have overlaped with the early J-models (see next).

The H-model was a big hit with users and justifiably so what with its many operational and aesthetic improvements. It was produced until early 1926."

Brooke W. Boering (aka Vagabondo) - The Comptometer Memorial Website

Source: The Comptometer Memorial Website

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