Esacta Mod. 1154
"At the end of the Second World War, in Milan the Esacta S.r.l.- Fabbrica Macchina Calcolatrici- via Zarotto,1- begins to produce pinwheel calculators, green coloured.

The Esacta technicians referred to well-known pinwheel calculators already on the market, such as Odhner, Brunsviga, Thales, Walther and so on.

Their first models were n.1100, n.1102, n.1150, n.1152 and were produced after the 2nd world war (1947-48). In 1951 they were described in the book "La meccanizzazione dei servizi aziendali" by Prof. Raul Pacco.

The Esacta production ended circa 1960 with the model n.21.

These calculators are "younger" than their more valued "ancestors": nevertheless they are an example of the Italian production and they have been used in offices for many years, even after the invention of writing electric calculators." Carlo Torchio

Source: Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Macchine per Scrivere, da Calcolo e da Ufficio

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