Madix Calculator
"The 'Madix Allesrechenmaschine' was produced by the 'VEB Feinwerktechnik Dresden,' the former 'Ascota Werke.' According to the Quality-Mark the production date may be in circa 1950. As you see, it has a remarkable 10-key-pad with left and right shift and jump left for division. Key-location is at the upper row: 2 4 5 7 9 and at the lower row: 1 3 0 6 8. The register-capacities are: setup reg: 9 digits, 13 positions; result reg: 13 digits; count reg: 8 digits with automatic operation recognition. Three different handles for clearing each register at both sides. I think, it is the classical 'Sprossenrad Maschine' (pinwheel ?)."

Klaus Bastian

Source: Klaus Bastian

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