Monroe Model K with Electrical Drive

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"Monroe calculator owned by Jordan, Kaiser & Sessions, the CE firm I work for in Natchez MS.  In appearance it is similar to their non-electric 1911 or so machine except it has a motor on the left side. The ID plate shows no model name. Has Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Woolworth Bldg., NYC, #R26363, Type 43412 CU etc with "Patented and Patents Pending" and other info. Hasn't been used for decades, but does work. What doesn't show in the photo are some metal strips running vertically between the rows of keys. The strips are green on one side, blending in with the top of the machine, and cream on the other side.  By turning them, using a tiny grip on the lower end of each strip, you visually accent divisions such as the number 1234567 into 12,345.67 ."
Cindy Stringer.

Source: Cindy Stringer

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