Odhner Calculator - Russia - 1874

"Odhner sold his patent rights to Grimme, Natalis & Co. A.G. only for sale in Germany and some neighboring countries and produced himself Original-Odhner calculators in St. Petersburg, Russia. Most of them remained in Russia are not too common now. After the Russian revolution the children of Odhner moved the production to a Göteborg, Sweden (See: Wassén, S. Henry: The Odhner history : An illustrated chronicle of "a machine to count on", In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of W. T. Odhner's birth in 1845, Göteborg, 1951, 67pp.)"

Timo Leipala.

Source: Timo Leipala

Odhner 4241

"This calculator stands on my desk near the Pentium, reminding of the olden time glory of Russia.
And some words about it.

The Odhner's Mechanical Calculator, invented in 1874 by Russian engineer Wilgodt T.Odhner in St.Petersburg (Russia) is based on the pinwheel principle. Since then many calculators including Brunsviga, Marchant, and Friden have used the same principle.

When just after October Russian Revolution the St.Petersburg Odhner's factory was nationalized, the owner salvaged the documents and blue-prints necessary to move the operation to Sweden."

Vladimir Baykov

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