"This machine, a SAXONIA, was made by the Shumann Co. in Glashutte ,East Germany near Dresden. While I do not have an exact date, 1895 to as late as 1920 has been suggested. Its serial number is D.R.G.M. 329403. It is in working order and appears to be original except for the lid (probably a replacement) which is old but clearly newer than the oak base. This item is most likely to be of interest to museum agents or collectors of this specific generation of 'arithmometer'." Dave Humphrey, 02/13/98.

Other pictures:

Top View
Front lever closeup.
Wheels View
Front Pannel View

"Recently I did a bit of research about this specific model of Saxonia. It seems to be produced for a very short time only - maybe for two years. Saxonia advertised this model as new in 1909/10 and advertised the following model in March 1910. The previous model has slide setting insteat of crank setting and the following model has a completely different case. (source: ads in "Büro Bedarfs Rundschau", magazines from 1909 and 1910)" Daniel.

Daniel Lewin,

Courtesy of: Dave Humphrey

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