Faber Castell Addiator and Slide Rule
Recently I acquired a Faber Castell Addiator slide rule. It is a Faber Castell 67/87R with the date code for July 1949 stamped into one end of the slide rule - this I think makes it quite an early example of this particular model. The slide rule is a System Rietz one which was also sold by Faber without the addiator as the 67/87. Faber made a later version of this particular rule, the 67/87Rb. The scales on the slide rule were re-arranged and the addiator type was changed from the Arithma to the Universal which had the benefit of a negative number display as well as the usual central one, as illustrated in the pictures of JIm Cerny's Faber Castell 67/54Rb, which are already on your site. My rule is complete with leather slip case which has a promotional logo transfer on it for Weigel Optik vorm. Orthozentrische Kneifer GmbH, Nachf. H Weigel, Frankfurt/M, Muselstr. 28, Ecke Kaiserstr. 66, Ruf 23270 in addition to the impressed A W Faber Castell logo.
Incidentally, there is an archive of Faber Castell slide rules, including the addiator ones, on the Sphere Research web-site, www.sphere.bc.ca/test/2archives.html
Best regards
David M Riches

Source: David Riches's Collection

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