Excelsior Adding Machine

"The Excelsior Adding Machine" - a Close Relative of the Locke Adder.

The photo shows a slide bar adder in my collection. It was invented and patented by Thomas E. McCarty of Parkersburg, Iowa, No. 751,670, February 9, 1904. Not only is it like the Locke Adder, Parkersburg is not that far from Kensett, Iowa, the home of the Locke. Strange.

The Excelsior is better made than the Locke. It would be easier to use for two reasons:

The small knobs used to move the slides back and forth are much more prominent and easy to use than those of the Locke

The answer is easier to read than with the Locke.

I have been unable to extract any information from Parkersburg on Mr. McCarty, and this is the only example that I have seen."

Robert K. Otnes

Source: Robert K. Otnes

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