"Hello, I came to this site hoping to find more information about the Kalkometer I have. It is in very good condition with case and instructions. I got zero search hits on eBay.
Can you shed any light on the background of this item such as where when and by whom it was made?

While I don't have a photo of my specific machine, I did find the attached pictures in some obscure eBay photo archive and several from an online museum of sorts.

My machine has a brown, soft, plastic case with a flipdown top that closes with a snap. The case also holds a silver pen-like stylus. The case is made of one piece of plastic with the sides sewn together. It was among my grandmother's things when she died. I remember playing with it as a kid in the 60's.

The more detailed photos I found were located here:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide."

Tom Mumper

Source: Thomas Mumper

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