"The advertisement that appeared in McClure's in 1901 read as follows:

'Why don't you use the Locke Adder? It's the modern office appliance that is practically adapted to the needs of a growing business. The Locke Adder takes care of the computation of business details. No office systematically equipped without it. It's the fastest, simplest, handiest, most practical, durable, low priced calculating machine. Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies, Divides. Easily learned-lasts a lifetime. "It's more rapid
than you and always accurate." Quickly pays for itself. Ensures accuracy, releases from mental strain. Adds all columns simultaneously. Capacity 999,999,999. It is a valuable aid to the busy accountant, and as this useful machine, can be had for only $5.00, one should be in every business office.'

C.E. Locke Mfg. Company 21 Walnut Street, Kensett, Iowa." 

Art Rosen.

Courtesy of: Art Rosen

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