Seidel & Naumann Chain Adder
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"I have recently acquired the machine shown in the attached photo. It bears some resemblance to the German Comptator shown in Erez Kaplan's site under Chain Type Hand-held Adders in his classification of adding machines, but this is for Sterling currency and carries the logo "S&N" as the only external identification. I'd like to find if anyone has any information about it?"

Geoff Bowles
Simsion Bowles & Associates
Information Management Consultants
1 Collins Street
Melbourne  3000
Dec 8, 1998

You can find some more information at:
which also lists a manual for it at:
(S u N stands for Seidel und Naumann, of course.)

Andries de Man
Jan 24, 2001

Source: Geoff Bowles

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