The Adder C.H. WEBB

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"Early Calculator The Adder C.H.WEBB. Brass/ Mahogany. A fine early brass calculator made by C.H WEBB, patent Mar.10, 1868. Brass face and dials mounted on mahogany. 7” long, 5” wide. Numbers on back look like A 5365, it changes numbers at 99, looks like laqure finish gone but condition good some minor scratches hardly noticeable and wood in good condition but cracked where top and bottom screws are, sides ok."

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Webbs Adding Machine
USA 1889

"Circular adding machine made with two tangential circles, the first for the units (from 1 to 99), the other for the hundreds. (Collection IBM Europe)."
Source: Guy Renard, @mis@ Association pour le musée international du calcul de l'informatique et de l'automatique de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis
For a transcription of the Patent issued in 1889 to Charles Henry Webb, of New York, and other related links, visit Andries de Man's web site.

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