What if you could enter a number the way
your mind conceives it?

Yes, it is possible by using the HTMX keys:

for Hundred 
for Thousand
for Million
to swap entry mode.

For example, to enter

wo million forty seven thousand,

just type 2M  47T

This IS NOT a replacement to the traditional number entry procedure, but is very helpful when entering large numbers that have multiple zeroes.

Crossing the bridge between the past and the future ... back and forth.

Welcome to the future.
Welcome to the Xnumber Way!

Did you know that Google has a wonderful hidden feature?  It is the Google Calculator.  For example, in the standard Google's search window, you can enter an expression such as  ((3*256)+7)*2, press the Google Search key, and Goggle will give you the answer. 

The icon on the left will take you to an interface I'd like to propose to Google which will show a keyboard with the H T M X keys for the Google Calculator.  And then, sometime in the future, this wonderful feature will be no longer a hidden feature. 
J. Redin


Another wonderful tool in the field of calculators is the InstaCalc developed by Kalid Azad. It even supports some basic natural language concepts, such as interpreting "m", "M" or "million" to represent the millions structure.  It should be great if  this calculator would support the usage of Verbal Numerals as well. For example, enter "3M + 47" in one of the rows below. 
J. Redin


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