HP Calculator History - The HP-22

by Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz Ph.D.


Introduced on August 1 1975, six months after the HP-21, this was the eighth equal (with the HP-25) handheld electronic calculator sold by HP - the business counterpart of the HP-21, and the same size.

It was not programmable but provided a useful range of business functions, including statistics. Like other HP business models it had the
n i PMT PV FV functions along the top row, but it also had an ACC command to compute accumulated interest and a BAL command to compute remaining balance.

Its small size, 10 data registers and the fairly low price of $165 probably made it appeal to business users, but the HP27 introduced 5 months later at only $35 more, and with far more functions quickly reduced its sales, so it is rather difficult to find now.

Its codename of "Turnip" carried on the tradition of calling these models after vegetables.


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