Stanley Mazor

Stanley MazorStanley Mazor (Senior Member, IEEE) studied  mathematics at San Francisco State College.  In 1964 he joined Fairchild Semiconductor  R&D, where he helped specify and implement  the Symbol high-level language computer. From  1969 to 1984 he was with Intel Corporation,  where he worked on the specification of the earlv Intel microprocessors. He also supervised lntel's microcomputer training development group. He also spent two years in Brussels as an Applications Engineer supporting European customers.  From 1984 to 1988 he was the Director of Customer Engineering Services at Silicon Compiler Systems (SCS), where he developed application-specific IC's. In 1988 he joined Synopsys, where he was Technical Training Manager. He is presently Director of Technical Services at C-ATS. Palo Alto, CA. He also taught courses at the University of Santa Clara and Stanford University, and has been a Guest Professor in China, Finland, Sweden and South Africa. He has published two books and over 50 articles and papers on the design and application of VLSI,  including signal processing, instrumentation, security, and optimization.   Mr.  Mazor is in the Inventor's Hall of Fame, received the American Innovator Award, the Kyoto Price, the Robert Noyce Award, the SFSU "Wall of Fame,"a PC Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Best Paper Award for his GOMAC contribution on VHSIC insertion in 1986. He is active in the COMPCON program committee and the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop.
After having designed four computers and programmed in more than ten different languages, his main interest during the past ten years is designing French chateaux. Below is a picture of his house in Ashland, a replica of a grand home in Normandy, build-up with styrofoam Rastra blocks.  As Mr. Mazor said "There aren't too many chances in your life where you get to do things just for fun."  Recently, he published a book named "Design an Expandable House - For Present Needs and Future Dreams," where he shows how to build a house using these techniques. 




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