Vintage History of Mechanical Calculators Album


A Brief History of Mechanical Calculators James Redin
From the Abacus to the electro-mechanical calculators.
(Parts I, II and III)


The Pascaline Yves Serra
Slide show.
Pascaline Website



Jean Marguin
Essay on the history of calculating devices.


Évolution des machines ŕ calculer
Alexandre Faribault
Essay on the evolution of calculating devices.


Recollections on the MADAS Calculator Ray Mackay
A recollected history of MADAS calculators.


The Walther Company - Historic Recollections Ray Mackay
A recollected history of Walther adding/calculating machines.


Burroughs Adding Machine Company - History - 1857-1953

Michael Hancock
Glimpses into the Past.


My Years with Marchant Ernie Jorgenson
Notes on the history of Marchant as seen by a former employee.


The Amazing Curta Bruce Flamm
An article on the development of the Curta calculator.


History of FACIT Calculators Christofer Nöring
An illustrated article on the history of FACIT calculators.


The FACIT Page James Redin
Serial Numbers, Pictures and Historical Information..


Non-Decimal Calculators Friederich Diestelkamp
Pictures and Historical Notes - German version available.


Japanese Mechanical Calculators Katsunori Kadokura
The History of Japanese Mechanical Calculators
Chronology of the History of Japanese Mechanical Calculators
Evolution of the Japanese Market
Sales of Tiger Calculators
Tiger Calculators Serial Numbers


Recuerdos del Cálculo Mecánico Eusebio Huélamo
The history of Mechanical Calculators related by a collector from Spain. 


Comptometer - Biography of a Machine Brooke W. Boering
The history of  Dorr E. Felt and the development of the Comptometer.  


Interview with Frank Stephen Baldwin Monroe Systems
The development of the first practical mechanical calculator narrated by its inventor. 


Difference of Opinion Felix Grant and Ray Girvan
Escaping from the footnotes of history.


The History of Calculators and Computers Clive Maxfield
Cool notes and pictures related to the history of calculating devices.


Making the Arithmometer Count Stephen Johnston
A very interesting article on the history of the Arithmometer published in Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society .


Wenhua Mechanical Calculators Wj Wang
An article about Chinese Wenhua (Culture) mechanical calculators .


Things that count: The rise and fall of calculators    Jim Falk
A very nice history of calculators.


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