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Guy Ball - Collecting Calculators
The International Association of Calculator Collectors
Bruce Flamm
The International Association of Calculator Collectors
Andrew Davie
Museum of Soviet Calculators on the Web
Douglas W. Jones
Making New Battery Packs for the HP-35 Calculator
James Redin - The World of Calculators (USA)
David Hicks - Museum of HP Calculatorsr
Rick Furr - The Calculator Reference
Enrico Tedeschi - Radio historian, Writer & Collector
Larry Gilbert - Articles on Calculators
Harold Layer - Mind Machine Museum
Tom Welch - The Collectric 
Marilyn Dan Dotson and Marilyn Saul - D'Antiques, Ltd.
Erez Kaplan - Calculating Machines
Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz - Collecting Calculators
Andrew Davie - MOSCOW
Gene Wright - Old HP and TI Calculators
Eiji Kako - Organizers and Handhelds
Bruce Rogers - N7TWB amateur radio repeater on 447.95 MHz
Peter Kernwein
MichaelSperber.jpg (1619 bytes) Michael Sperber
Theo Lumens - Calculator Museum
Alex Knight - Calculator Technology Archive Page
Carl R. Friend - Minicomputers and Pocket Calculators
Frank Boehm - Calculators Gallery (Over 500 photos!)
Tom Conte - Strange hobby? You betcha.
Rick Bensene - Old Calculators
Moises Vilalta - Tinytron - Spain
Dan Bellander - My collection of HP calculators
Sergei Sergei Frolov - Soviet calculators 
eric.jpg (1800 bytes) Eric  Toonen - Eric's Pocket Calculator collection
smallme.jpg (1564 bytes) Bill Wood, Buffalo, NY, USA
Encyclopedia of Computer History
Pepe Tozzo - RetroKit - UK
gerhard.jpg (1459 bytes) Gerhard Wenzel's Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
José Manuel Pérez - Barcelona
La Colección de Calculadoras de Xosé 
Nigel Tout  Vintage Calculators  
Joerg Woerner - TI Museum 
David May - Classic Collectors World
 Chris Owen - Planet Sinclair
David Gowing - Stellatron - UK Collectable Electronica
Matthias Wehrli - Hewlett Packard Sammlung - Switzerland
Ernst Mulder - Calculators
arcsin (arccos (arctan 
(tan (cos (sin (9) ) ) ) ) )
Mike Sebastian  - Calculators Technical Information.
Malcolm - My Calculators
All emails will be included in a future guest book - unless you state otherwise.  Your email address will not be included unless you specifically request it but your URL will. Emil Dudek (UK)
Vintage Technology
www.teclas.org Daniel Sancho (Málaga, Spain)
Museillo de la evolución del cálculo y de la informática
Ervard Gerard (France)
La Maison des Calculatrices Classiques
Noël Jouenne (France)
Les calculatrices électroniques de poche sont nées au début des années 1970
Paulo Boselli  (Brazil)
Brazilian's Calculator Museum
Philippe Marmy (Switzerland)
Computissimo - Computer History Museum
Ugo Mainieri (Milano - Italy)
La raccolta di strumenti di calcolo
Simon and Amanda Southwell (UK)
Anita Handheld Calculator Simulators
Serge Devidts (Belgium)
Josep Balsac  (Spain)
De la Mano al Cálculo Electrónico
Nico Baaijens (Holand)
Old Calculators - My Collection
Emil Dudek (England)
Vintage Technology

Noël Jouenne (France)
Les calculatrices électroniques de poche sont nées au début des années 1970 

Rohit Menon (India)
Rare calculators and toys of Texas Instruments

Lamberto Guerrero (Spain)
Radios y Calculadoras Antiguas

Jim Falk (Australia - Melbourne) 

Things that Count: the rise and fall of calculators



X-Number World


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