Katsunori Kadokura

Mr. Katsunori Kadokura is President of SIGMET Japan Inc.  Based on the US, SIGMET is a world top leader of the Weather Radar Data Systems.  These systems are used for airports, meteorological research, and industrial applications.

As a mechanical and design engineer, Mr. Kadokura (57) developed a special interest in old mechanical calculators and started a collection of Odhner machines, his favorite model. Fourteen years ago, due to space limitations, sold more than one hundred machines to Mr.Uchiyama, a famous collector and well known specialist on this field. Later, Mr. Uchiyama sold his collection to the Tokyo Science University.

His interest led him to research the history of Odhner calculators and the influence they had in the Japanese industry of mechanical calculators. His current collection includes also a Burroughs Class 1 with glass walls, but since ten years ago have not been actively involved in this hobby. However, when he visited the X-Number World of Calculators Web site, his hobby wake up again, and responding an invitation of James Redin wrote an article on the History of Japanese Mechanical Calculators. To write the article, Mr. Kakodura said "had to dig for the photos which were slept in my mother in-law's shed."

Mr. Kakodura will be very happy to contact other collectors or persons sharing his interest in this field. Please contact him at katsukad@zb4.so-net.ne.jp.


April, 2000

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